History of Millington Hotels and Taverns

Historic Hotels / Monday, June 10th, 2019

There were two major hotels in Millington, Austin House and Worsley Hotel. Both hotels experienced several changes in management. At times the names of these hotels were changed to reflect their proprietor’s names.

Higby House

The Higby House was an older hotel that had been moved from Newark and converted into a boarding house.

Wilson Hotel

Heronimus Krebs lived in a house across the street from the Millington Methodist Church. An addition was built on the house and his daughter Mary (Krebs) Wilson and her husband Charles Wilson used the place as a hotel. They ran a livery stable and feed store in the barn on the property, in conjunction with the hotel. Mary and Charles Wilson were still managing the hotel in July 1896.

Unidentified Millington Hotels

Which hotel properties the following comments were directed toward were not indicated but it was probably the Worsley Hotel. “Mr. Beach has moved south of Morris, and the hotel property stands vacant. What a pity this property could not be utilized for some better purpose than to be rented to different families. There is no better hotel property this side of Chicago. There is plenty of well water and a cistern that gathers sufficient rainwater. The building is substantially built with an eye to accommodate the public. But alas! How quickly it is deteriorating. Sidewalks, grounds, and outside appearances bear the mark of decay and deferred maintenance.” 1Kendall County Record, May 8, 1884.

In September 1916, Mrs. A. Hotopp opened a hotel in Millington. She began by giving the building a fresh coat of paint and installing an electric light plant. 2Kendall County Record, September 27, 1916.

1880 Census

1880 census Village of Millington, page 69 & 316A enumeration date June 5, family # 66.

Morrell, F. B. 52 M self NH NH NH hotelkeeper
Morrell, Melinda 36 M wife NY NY Can
Morrell, Raymond H. 8 M son IL NH NY
Gilson, Alexander 32 M OH Unk Unk boarder farmer
Crapley, James 55 M Eng Eng Eng boarder nurseryman
Costello, Martin 25 M NY Spa Unk boarder druggist
Wilsey, Archibald M., Jr. 26 M IL NY OH boarder clerk in store


1Kendall County Record, May 8, 1884.
2Kendall County Record, September 27, 1916.

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