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Bible Records / Sunday, April 21st, 2019

The following transcription is from the original pages of the Reverend David Matlock’s personal Bible that are now in the possession of Burtram C. Hopkins, II, the great, great grandson of Rev. Matlock. The Matlock’s were one of the original families to settle in Kendall County in the early 1800’s, and some of their descendants still live in the county today. Mr. Hopkins made the transcription with the corroboration of Mr. Elmer Dickson. Mr. Hopkins made the notes in parentheses beneath each entry. Many of these people are buried in the Pavilion Cemetery (a.k.a. Long Grove), in Kendall Township, Kendall County, Illinois.


BIRTHS (page 1)

David Matlock, born February 16th in the year of our Lord 1819)
(Son of John Shepard, Sr. and Eleanor (Haggerty) Matlock)

Betsey B. Matlock, born February 21st in the year of our Lord 1818)
(Wife of David Matlock, a.k.a. Elizabeth “Betsey” B. (Johnson))

Mary Eleanor Matlock, born March 28th in the year of our Lord 1841) (1841-1925)
(Daughter of David and Elizabeth “Betsey” B. (Johnson) Matlock, a.k.a. Ella Mary)

BIRTHS (page 2)

John Shepard Matlock, Sr. was born July 14, 1779)
(One of early Kendall County settlers, 1779 – 1846 (Buried Pavilion Cemetery)

Eleanor (Haggerty) Matlock, was born May 1, 1783) (1783-1839 (Buried Pavilion Cemetery)
(First wife of John Shepard Matlock, Sr.)

T. J. Matlock, was born Oct 6, 1802) (1802 – 1865)
(Thomas Jefferson, son of John Shepard, Sr. & Eleanor (Haggerty) Matlock)

J. B. Matlock, was born March 18, 1804) (1804-1879)
(James Burton, son of John Shepard, Sr. & Eleanor (Haggerty) Matlock)

Margaret Matlock, was born in 1808) (1808-1846)
(Daughter of John Shepard, Sr. & Eleanor (Haggerty) Matlock)

Sarah Matlock, was born February 29, 1810) (1810-1849)
(Daughter of John Shepard, Sr. & Eleanor (Haggerty) Matlock.

John S. Matlock, was born February 16,1812) (1812-1879)
(John Shepard, son of John Shepard, Sr. & Eleanor (Haggerty) Matlock)

West Matlock, was born March 4, 1814) (1814 -1886 (Buried Pavilion Cemetery)
(West “Wes” Walker, son of John Shepard, Sr. & Eleanor (Haggerty) Matlock)

George Matlock, was born July 10. 1816 (died about 1869)
(George Washington, son of John Shepard, Sr. & Eleanor (Haggerty) Matlock)

Joseph Matlock, January 10, 1821-1878)
Joseph Hawkins, son of John Shepard, Sr. & Eleanor (Haggerty) Matlock)

Henry H. Matlock, was born Oct 17, 1840) (1840-1901)
(Henry Harrison, son of John Shepard & Polly (Thurber)(Oatman) John’s second wife)

MARRIAGE (page 3)

David Matlock and Betsy B. Matlock his wife was married August 39th (?) in the year of our Lord 1839
(Elizabeth Betsey B. Johnson, wife of David. Date of marriage was August 29, 1839, per marriage records.

John Matlock and Eleanor (Haggerty) his wife were married Dec 1, 1801.
(John’s first wife)

Thomas Jefferson Matlock and Nancy (Ballard) were married Sept 11, 1823.

W. T. Matlock 1806-1872 was married Sept 8, 1825.
(William Tyndal, son of John Shepard, Sr. & Eleanor Haggerty)

Margaret Matlock married Simeon Oatman, Oct 20, 1829.

Sarah Matlock married William Paul, Apr 23, 1829.

John Shepard Matlock, Jr. married Mary Banta Cassett Aug 25, 1836.

West “Wes” Walker Matlock married Lavina (Trumbo) February 23 1840.
Lavina Trumbo, 1820 – 1910 (Buried Pavilion Cemetery)

John Matlock and Polly (Thurber)(Oatman), his second wife were married Nov. 27, 1839.
Polly (Thurber)(Oatman) 1801 – 1886) (Buried Pavilion Cemetery)

Mr. Hopkins welcomes inquiries, additional information, or comments regarding the Matlocks of Kendall County. He may be reached at B. C. “Bud” Hopkins, P.O. Box 251602, Plano, TX 75025-1510, or via email at <

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